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is an innovative 3D digital imaging tech company started by a team of University of Notre Dame faculty scientists to leverage their discoveries in next generation 3D scanning technology to make high resolution 3D scanning as easy as taking a picture.

The team of Figuro3D works on a board using ToF (Time-of-Flight) sensors for creating 3D scans in fractions of a second. ToF enables to create 3D images via pixels encoding distances to points of a structure in a scene and thus estimating the 3D structure.
 These developments face exciting challenges: from noise and ambiguity of points to movements in the scene. While objects such as buildings are not moving (in general), scanning people or animals complicates the task, especially for achieving high-quality results.

Our 3D scanner integrates the state of the art time of flight sensors to capture 3D data with a high resolution camera to capture image data. The two are then combined using our proprietary software to provide a photorealistic 3D model.

Our 3D scanners can be freely positioned and networked to suit almost every scanning need. Once set up, it can capture 3D scans in a near instant.

Figuro3D Leadership
Robert Kuang, MSc
Paul Brenner, PhD
Chief Executive Officer
Chief Operating Officer
Christopher Sweet, PhD
Sandra Gesing, PhD
Chief Scientist
Chief Technology Officer
James Sweet, MSc
Senior Director of Software Engineering